Greens Eggs & Ham!?!?

Greens Eggs and Ham is a 10 acre mixed farm near Edmonton, AB Canada. They believe in a sustainable approach to farming and maximize nutrient use from fowl to gardens. It is important to them to produce health conscious products for ourselves and their consumers, all ther products are low in saturated fats and free of common allergens. They naturally produce odd, unusual, heritage & healthy products to add color, flavor and texture to plating. Their product line includes every possible type of vegetable they can grow, potatoes, duck eggs, duck, geese, game hens, turkeys and guinea fowl. they do not believe in mass produced anything, be it fowl, potatoes, eggs or vegetables. Mass production has considered only that which can grow quickly, uniformly, be harvested quickly and store well with no concern for flavor and nutrition.



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promote skin-bursting pumps
speed recovery times
promote cell volumization
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prevent fatigue
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reduce muscle breakdown during exercise
trigger fat loss, especially in the abdominal region

My path to a healthy lifestyle

I used to always be the one who tried all the fad diets and all the expensive supplements, only to find out their effect was temporary. All I had done was waste my money. I ended up destroying my body, suffering from hypothyroidism, constant colds, fatigue, sore muscles and body aches, migraines and depression, feeling so deprived, all for the sake of trying to look and feel my best. After I graduated from CSNN, I began doing self experimentation with natural foods and supplementation to prove to myself that all I ever needed was what Mother Earth was giving me. After less than one month of treating my self and body with respect, I felt the most amazing change. All my symptoms disappeared, I finally had the energy to do things again, and I was never so satisfied with my physique and my health!” -Theresa Lagace